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VOIP Phone Systems

Phone Systems

Tie your phone system together with your email! We make office operations easy.

Groupware Email services

Groupware Email

Our email services allow you to integrate your services as well as maintain calendars and tasks!

Cloud Storage

Cloud Services

Access and edit your files from anywhere, across all platforms. Make things as simple as possible!

Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Host your website on a fast and secure network, while keeping everything in one place!

Increasing Productivity Through Technology

We Tie it All Together

Integrate your technology services and manage everything in one place.

LDR Design agency offers complete PBX telephone systems that work with existing cell phone technology and email services. We also offer email services that in turn work with the phone system and cell phones. Our file-sharing system also works with the various devices carried by your employees.

The LDR PBX Phone system includes the features you would expect:

  • Voicemail can be copied to email.
  • Cell phones can be connected as extensions.
  • Incoming faxes can be received through email.
  • Cell phones may be included as fall back devices for calls that otherwise would go unanswered.

The bottom line is that you do not miss calls and messages.

Integrate your mobile and office phone systems with groupware.

  • Contacts can be synced with your cell phone.
  • Calendars can be synced with your cell phone.
  • Tasks that can be synced with your cell phone.
  • Mail folders, calendars, tasks, and more can be shared with other users and groups.

The bottom line is that whether you are at your desktop, laptop, or mobile device you always have access to your contacts, calendar, tasks, and of course email.

LDR also offers cloud sharing services:

  • Access, view and edit files from any browser.
  • Mobile access with native android and IOS apps.

The bottom line is that no matter where you are, you will always have access to your files. Including mobile devices!

Host your website in the same place:

  • Different storage and bandwidth options
  • Free SSL certificates

The bottom line is that we can keep a variety of your office technologies under one roof and simplify your operations! LDR provides premium Web & Computer Technologies for our clients. Let's talk soon!

Unified Communications Increases Productivity

Employees can work and collaborate effectively reducing travel and operating costs! Attend a meeting with your smartphone, and reduce telephone bills. With unified communications, everyone can stay engaged through our integrated voice system. Your company will enjoy less stress, better productivity and lower costs.

Organizing a unified communications system involves careful planning and strategy. We can all appreciate that the "early bird gets the worm" when it comes to customer inquiries. Unified communications helps you to get that contact.

Web & Computer Technologies