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Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage Provides Secure Access to All Your Files Wherever You Are

Where are your important documents? With the LDR cloud wherever you are is where your files will be. The LDR cloud protects your data and gives you access from your desktop or mobile devices. You can also access, sync and share your existing data.

  • cloud computing You can have a single login and access to one large share or many logins with varying access in complex directory structures. All of this is set up by LDR for you based on your individual and/or company needs.
  • Your data represents who you are and can easily be abused and power gets abused. Unlike our larger competitors, LDR protects and stores your data without tracking or scanning. Your data remains yours.
  • Your data is replicated in datacenters located in different cities 11 times a day, every day. Your data is safe, easily accessible, private and that's not all!

The web-based cloud access includes a full office suite!

We provide cloud-based unified communications combining cloud storage with groupware email. Now you not only have access to your files, but you can work with them from anywhere. We use the fantastic OnlyOffice suite of software that, quite frankly, puts our larger competitors to shame. Best of all, this is included with your cloud storage at no additional cost.

Access, Security, Privacy, Functionality - We Have You Covered

We invite you to contact one of our IT Engineers to discuss cloud storage as a file storage solution for your business.