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Company Telephone Systems: VoIP Box

The LDR PBX has greater flexibility in your choice of lines and equipment. It is easier to customize to your needs and provides lower costs over time. The ability to mix and match traditional phone lines and SIP trunks provides maximum performance, lower costs, and the ability to continue to operate during internet outages (something no hosted system can provide).

Below is a list of just some of the many features the system provides:

  • Extensions - Each employee can have their own extension, regardless of how many incoming telephone lines you have. Physical phone lines can then be shared by multiple employees, resulting in cost savings for your business.
  • Unlimited Auto Attendants - Auto attendants allow you to direct your customers to various parts of your organizations through easy to use push button menus. You can even have different menus for different times of the day, such as open hours or closed hours.
  • Unlimited Company Directory - Empowers your customers to find people in your organization easily and connect directly to their extension.
  • Analog Line Support - Full support for analog (traditional) phone lines.
  • Analog Device Support - Want to use a standard analog phone or fax? No problem. LDR fully supports traditional devices.
  • Paging and Intercom - Support for group paging through your telephone handsets or integration through your overhead paging system.
  • Two-Way Intercom Between Phones - Directly page an extension and enjoy full two way, speakerphone conversations. (Note: Your extension must support this feature)
  • Caller-ID - See who is calling directly on your phone. (Note: Your provider must support this feature)
  • Call Forward - Easily manage call forwarding from the phone or from the user portal.
  • Call Forward Busy
  • Call Forward No Answer
  • Call Waiting - Handle multiple calls at the same time with call waiting.
  • Call Pickup - With call pickup you can easily answer phones other than your own. 
  • Automated Voicemail Setup - Simply log into your voicemail and walk through recording your greetings.
  • Music On Hold - Play music on hold to callers. Optionally use different classes of music on hold depending on which queue a caller is in.
  • Parking - Park calls in a “parking lot” and then pick them up from any other phone.
  • Call Flow Control - Call flow control makes it easy to take control of your business hours. Need to open early or stay late? Simply press a button to keep calls flowing in. Need to leave early? Press the Call Flow Control Toggle on your phone and route all calls to your closed IVR or voicemail.
  • Voicemail to Email - Receiveyouru voicemail messages in your email box and play them over your computer speakers.
  • Soft-Phone support - With LDR you can have a phone directly on your computer. With a simple computer headset, you can make and recieve calls as if you had a handset phone on your desk. Great for customer service teams to reduce the cost of handset hardware or on-the-go employees with laptop computers.
  • Find-Me-Follow-Me - Allows you to simultaneously ring desk extensions, cell phones, and other phones. Imagine the freedom of being able to accept phone calls anywhere and everywhere.
  • DID Support (Direct Inward Dial) - Numbers can be utilized to give employees dedicated inbound phone numbers without the cost of having dedicated lines.
  • Telecommuter Support - Allows remote employees to make phone calls through the PBX over the internet, from anywhere.
  • Unlimited Conference Bridges - Allow groups of people to communicate in one group setting from anywhere.
  • DND - With DND you can quickly put your phone in Do Not Disturb Mode. This will send your calls directly to voicemail instead of making the caller hold while your phone is ringing when you are not there.
  • User Control Panel - The user control panel is an easy to use way for users to set basic settings and more. You can view call history. Listen to, delete, forward or file voicemail messages. Setup your presence, personal contact directories, follow-me, toggle call waiting and DND, change ring timers, and enable call forwarding.
  • System Recordings - Using your phone you can easily record new system recordings. These recordings can then be used in places such as announcements, IVR’s, and more. 
  • Time Conditions - Time conditions allow you to direct calls through your phone system based on open and closed hours that you have defined.
  • Call Flow Control - Call flow control lets you toggle where calls are sent based on push button control.

The LDR VOIP PBX phone system is a feature-rich system that can handle the needs of your company. Contact the LDR professionals to improve your communication systems today.