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Why Use Google Business Profile?

Google My Business is a service launched in 2014 by Google which gives businesses a platform to make sure they can appear in Google searches. Local businesses can also help Google My Business by verifying themselves, which will eventually show them on Google Maps, too. Here are a few reasons why you should get your business listed on Google My Business today!

One of the best things about Google My Business is how it can put you right up front for everyone to see. Google My Business can show your potential customers your business before they see your competitors, which will give you a definite advantage over other businesses.

Sign Up and Verify Your Business on Google

Sign up and add your company name and details on Google My Business today and try it out for yourself! This will also make it easy for potential customers to look you up and learn more about you before they visit you.

  • Create a GMB account and claim your business
  • Verify your business with a postcard or phone call
  • Optimize your listing with plenty of services and great content
  • Download the GMB app to your cell phone

Appear Locally on Google Maps

Get business found on Google My Business Where are you located? When you register your business on Google My Business, your local business immediately starts appearing on Google Maps. Through this service, and since Google Maps is such a widely used service, your customers can easily look you up and map your location in no time. 

Automatically Earn Your Customer’s Trust

Another great thing about GMB is that you can use it to earn your customer’s trust. If your business is listed on GMB and showing up on Google Maps, there is a greater chance that a customer will decide to trust you and visit you since people trust Google to be a reliable source. It is also very comforting for potential customers to know that your business has an actual location that they can physically visit.

Increase Traffic on Your Site 

Businesses can also use Google My Business to increase traffic on their site. If you start showing up in Google searches, there is a much greater chance that your business will have increased traffic, which will, in turn, affect your sales drastically.

It's Time to Rank Higher on Google

rank on Google logoGetting started with Google can be simple.  Optimizing your Google account to get found locally takes extended GMB knowledge and dedication to update your profile information and business posts every week. This is where it comes in handy to have a professional marketing team step in.  

Google My Business is a great tool to not only learn more about your own business but also to let your customers know what you are and what you stand for. Set up the GMB account yourself. Need help? Hire an LDR Social Media Marketing Professional today! We are well-educated and experienced Google professionals that know how to get your business found on Google!