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Social Media Marketing

Using Social Media Marketing to Attract New Clients

Does Your Marketing Strategy Include Social Media Marketing?

Using Social Media Marketing to Attract New ClientsSocial media is Google juice!

Social media is about developing relationships with one another. For a business, this means developing relationships with your clients. Fill the pages with SEO rich keywords while giving your audience the research/education they seek. 

Chatting Online with Customers 

Most social media marketing professionals believe that 70% of your content should provide your fans with something that is valuable to your audience.

The next 20% is to the promotion of your business's products and services.

The remaining 10% is for business-related humor. For example, a realtor may make HGTV jokes; it's related. 

Relate to your audience across the internet, using enhanced directory listings, and spreading the social conversation across multiple social media platforms.

  • Brand marketing services with logos, colors, and taglines consumer appreciates. 
  • Social media marketing (SMM) such as with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) for organic performance.
  • Search engine marketing (SEM) for enhanced directory listings.
  • Google Adwords campaigns for targetted paid advertising. 
  • YouTube video marketing tells your story and increases your website ranking.
  • Google My Business, when fully optimized, increases your Google visibility. 

Get your business found, everywhere!

Promoting your website is almost as important as having a website. So get out there, use advertising to increase website positioning. Utilize social media techniques as followers are typically repeat clients.  

Contact the LDR SMM professionals to develop a social relationship with your clients.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Your customers are talking! Are you listening? Join the conversation with social media. 

Social media is crucial to spreading your website visibility.  Finding time for social media can be one of the biggest challenges for businesses wanting to promote their business image and product offerings.  The LDR social media marketing staff puts together a clear social strategy, and the consistency needed to implement and transform your social pages into marketing tools. Have your clients spread the word!

If you don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google My Business page you're leaving sales opportunities on the table.  Hire the social media marketing experts at LDR Design Agency to promote your business. 

Grow Your Image With LinkedIn Profiles

social media marketing Linkedin advertising With a professional LinkedIn profile, your business can increase your credibility, showcase your skill sets, and reach other professionals and business to business customers.

Is your LinkedIn profile doing you any favors?

  • Corporate image profiles will attract business clients
  • Establishing relationships will generate new leads & fill pipelines
  • Larger per deal purchases
  • Develop and maintain “top of mind" awareness
  • Smart marketers can establish cutting edge social strategies

LinkedIn company pages and personal accounts increase credibility.

We recommend that all of your employees should have a LinkedIn profile, with an awesome bio including employment details and skillsets. Then use your employees to promote your business! Let LDR Design Agency SMM staff develop a corporate image that gets noticed, and train your staff to share and promote business communications. 

Using Twitter For Marketing

Twitter has become a routine part of daily social living.

Twitter for BusinessPeople talk about what's important to them and follow their favorite brands. Staying on top of the Twitter arena increases your customer service reputation, and increases your sales. 

Twitter is a great way to share your news, marketing information, and socialize with your clients as a person rather than as a brand or as a robot.  If you are able to share posts several times a day, go for it! LDR Design Agency has social media staff that works non-stop on social campaigns.

We can be the voice of your Twitter marketing campaign! 

Facebook for Business Marketing

Professional Facebook business pages custom designed & branded for your business!

facebook for businessLDR Design Agency creates professionally optimized Facebook business pages that brand your business and draw attention to your website.

LDR Design Agency drills down to your most likely customer by location, age group, or interests to create an efficient and effective Pay Per Click advertising campaign. Recent statistics show that the average internet browser spends 8 plus hours a month on Facebook! For many people, Facebook is the first website they log into every morning and the last thing they check before going to bed

Facebook advertising is a great way to share your message!

LDR is a Facebook advertising agency in Cincinnati. Let's get your business found online! 

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