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Increase Your Website's SEO Ranking With Videos

Recent studies have shown that 77% of internet users view an online video, the average of those watching approximately 6 hours each. This growing awareness, acceptance and perhaps even an expectation of online video content by viewers make the video even more important to a company's marketing now more than ever.

A great website is more than just pretty pictures.

Engage your website visitors with videos! Videos add personality to your business, thus increasing the "know, like and trust" factor. We encourage you to add your videos to YouTube to increase visibility. Besides, Google loves YouTube! 

You have to communicate your passion and tell your unique story.

Watch this video by our own website and marketing expert, Beverly Richards, for concrete tips on improving one of the most viewed pages on your site: the about us page.

Video Production by our marketing partner company Videos On Your Website, of Cincinnati Ohio. 

  • Your video can successfully be used as a point of sale promotion in retail outlets.
  • There is no better endorsement of your product or service than to see it in action. It’s not always possible to get your client to your product so why not bring your product to your client.

Fill the pages of your website with professional photographs and marketing videos. It's a great way to separate your business from the crowd! 

LDR Design Agency is a professional marketing services company that can get the project done. Our in-house website design and marketing staff are experts. Contact LDR today to get started.