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Fresh Content Keyword Strategy Services for Google Visibility:

Having an online presence is essential for any business, and continuously updating your website plays a crucial role in getting noticed on the internet. One of the primary reasons for this is that new website content provides search engines like Google with something new to crawl, increasing your chances of being discovered. Moreover, the quantity and quality of content matter as people conduct research before making purchasing decisions. They seek to know, like, and trust your brand, making engaging and up-to-date content vital.

To create an effective content management strategy, it's crucial to plan ahead with a content calendar. Stories and promotions build upon themselves, and content often has a seasonal aspect. Tailoring your content to the right time ensures its relevance and impact. Understanding what people are searching for and conducting keyword research is also essential to optimize your content for search engine visibility.

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Content Management Strategy should include: 

  • Plan ahead with a content calendar. Stories (and promotions) build upon themselves. Content is often seasonal. Tell you story about the importance of gutter cleaning in the Fall, not in February when there is snow on the ground. Whether writing in-house or your outsourced SEO Content Development Team is writing the copy for you, everything starts with a plan. 

  • Speaking of plans, find out what people are searching for. What phrase or series of keywords are most common? Craft content for the searchers. We will do keyword research to maximize the SEO impact. 
  • Blogs are a great way to tell success stories and business-related stories that appeal to your ideal client. Just like website content, having a blogging plan is important. Remember always to keep your ideal audience in mind. They are the ones that will convert into repeat clients. 

  • Share your great content on social media platforms. 

LDR provides SEO Content Development:

  • We will create in-house high-quality keyword-rich content for your blogs.

  • We will schedule the days and times your blogs will be posted.

  • The social media marketing (SMM) staff will share your blogs across your social media streams.

  • The SMM staff will share conversations based on the blog subject. 

  • Ask about placing blogs on your company-branded newsletters.

  • Photo gallery uploads, testimonial updates, staff bios, and more! 

  • It is not just content creation, it's content strategy!

Most websites benefit greatly from ongoing website maintenance.

It's important to recognize that content creation alone is not enough; having a content strategy is equally crucial. During discussions with LDR's content writing professionals, they take the time to understand your target audience and tailor content to meet their needs. By creating valuable content and experiences that resonate with your audience, LDR helps your business get noticed.

May we help your business get found? Contact the LDR sales department today. 

Promote Your Message With Company Branded Newsletters

LDR's Newsletter Suite offers custom-branded newsletters that match your website's look and feel. It allows easy organization and import of client emails, complies with Can-Spam regulations, and seamlessly connects with your website for effortless newsletter promotion.

We recommend sending out a newsletter at least once a month. The newsletters should be 25% of promotional content and at least 75% of educational content, that's their WIIFM.

LDR Newsletter Suite

  • Your company newsletter will be custom branded to match your website.

  • All current clients' emails can be organized by category and imported.

  • Full Can-Spam Compliance tools for Opt-In and Opt-Out.

  • Connects to your website for easy promotion of the newsletters. 

Ask your website project manager about adding the LDR newsletter suite to your new website. Our own LDR blog is available in our newsletter. Go to our subscription page to check it out!

It's More Than Keywords - Content Is Still King

Everyone wants their website to be "number one on Google".

Pretty much every company that has a website will get emails and phone calls from people telling them they can get them into this coveted spot. Some will even claim to be "your Google representative". Google never calls companies about their rankings. They never make "robo" calls and the only way you would have a Google representative is if you are doing Pay for Click, not for rankings help. 

If you can't trust the emailers and callers, what do you do to improve your site's rankings? The truth is, there are no tricks. 

local google search keywordsGoogle provides some great tools on their site that will help you with the base code of your site and SEO. This is the foundation of a well-performing site. Back-linking, online directories, and social media or SEM can have a huge impact on your site's performance. Be careful here; good directories can really help your site, bad directories can really hurt your rankings. If you're not sure, hire a professional.

As good as all of the above are, they pale in comparison to quality content. The most important aspect of a well-ranking site is, and always will be, content. Titles lead to descriptions and descriptions lead to the first paragraph. Each paragraph should lead into the next. Have a plan and outline your content first and you will get traffic.

Getting people to your site is just the first step. Your content also has to quickly and easily show potential clients how your services can solve a problem they have. 

How Often Should I Update My Website? 

Having a content management plan and adhering to it is crucial for demonstrating content quality, relevance, and keyword optimization to Google. This approach helps increase traffic to your website, turning your business into a valuable resource for your customers.

blog artWe recommend that every six months business owners do a thorough website review and SEO audit.

      • Check for the relevancy of keywords and overall content.
      • Check for broken links.
      • Check how your website ranks compared to your competition. 

For a more complex SEO audit along with software upgrades, it is a good investment to contact your website developer. SEO managers have the tools to analyze and understand the specific requirements that Google is expecting from a quality high ranking website. 

Page content (title tags and meta descriptions) should be checked and updated routinely.

      • Add fresh content to your website's home page every month. Great examples of this are to feature a product or service or change out a picture. Be sure at the same time that "dated" content is removed. 

      • Ask your customer service staff what questions are hot topics from prospects. Become the expert and add weekly interesting content worth reading, based on current areas of interest. This is a great resource for blog creation! 

      • Look at your article titles periodically and ask yourself, "do my articles contain a keyword (or two)?". Powerful keywords increase your Google ranking. Keywords in titles also tell your readers what to expect in the article. 

Become a valuable resource for your customers, and they will return to your website to learn more. 

Have in place a content management plan, and stick to it. Use a calendar! Google wants to know if your content is quality, keyword-rich, and relevant to the subject matter. 

Increase Traffic to your Company with Dependable SEO Rich Content Creation

At LDR Design Agency, we specialize in website design and getting your business noticed online. To learn more about Internet marketing and to increase your website's visibility, visit our blogs regularly. If you're ready to take the next step in boosting your online presence call toll-free at 888-886-8952 to get started.