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Local SEO with Citation Management

Local SEO with Citation Management

Get Found Everywhere with Local Listings

In the past, listing your business in the telephone directory was very easy. There was only one directory and you either listed your business in it or you didn’t.  With more than 70% of Americans on the internet, and more than 96% of them conducting 3 billion searches each month for local products and services, chances are your next customers are already online searching for you. 

Your business name, address, phone number & URL distributed across the internet can greatly enhance your internet visibility and search engine ranking. When consumers want to find a local product or service they look online. It is not sufficient to simply list your business on Google, Yahoo, and Bing – today you have to do more. You have to literally think about being everywhere.

Directory listing services that can get your business found on the Internet!

Powerful Citation Distribution

Local SEO

SEO Rich Local Directory Listings Have Become the New Phone Books.

Most people, including your potential customers, go online to find the products or services they need. Recent Google statistics show that four out of five consumers rely on search engines to find local info and prefer localized ads. Plus - they act fast!

50% of cell phone users and 34% of people searching on tablets or computers make a purchase within 24 hours of conducting a local search. 

LDR will fix the wrong NAPU (Name / Address / Phone Number / URL) on incorrect listings! 

LDR SEM directory listings will index your website, and brand your business locally with localized, targeted specific keywords/phrases, and links to your website. 

Best part yet, Google will increase your ranking when listed on quality local directories. 

Professional Backlinking - SEM Services

Search engine marketing is an enhanced directory listing and citation management system that promotes your website on over 70 high-quality professional directories. 

SEM back-links help you in two important ways:
  1. Mobile Search Directory ListingThey drive targeted traffic to your website with relevant keywords.
  2. They improve search engine results for your websites with a strong call to action. 

Imagine 70 plus enhanced local listings that promote your business. 

  • The LDR Pro SEM package includes 50 plus reputable directories.
  • The LDR Pro SEM stretches your advertising budget by giving you high-quality links at a low price.
  • Listings are enhanced with your business name, a detailed description, phone number, address, your website link, products, services and pictures to draw attention.
  • The LDR Pro SEM content can be updated quarterly to allow for seasonal promotions.

Directory listings can be purchased separately or as part of our affordable marketing packages.  

Get Found Local - with high-value SEO rich listings.