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Updating Your Website

We Frequently Hear the Question: How Often Should I Update My Website? 

update website contentWe recommend that every six months business owners do a thorough website review and "SEO Audit".

  • Check for relevancy of keywords and overall content.

  • Check for broken links.

  • Check how your website ranks compared to the competition. 

For a more complex SEO Audit along with software upgrades, it is a good investment to contact your website developer. SEO managers have the tools to analyze and understand the specific requirements that Google is expecting from a quality, high ranking website. 

On page content (title tags and meta descriptions) should be checked and updated routinely: 

  • Add fresh content to your website's home page every month. Great examples of this are to feature a product or service, or change out a picture. Be sure at the same time that "dated" content is removed. 
  • Ask your customer service staff what questions are hot topics from prospects. Become the expert and add weekly interesting content worth reading, based on current areas of interest. This is a great resource for blog creation! 
  • Look at your article titles periodically and ask yourself, "Do my articles contain a keyword (or two)?" Powerful keywords increase your Google ranking. Keywords in titles also tell your readers what to expect in the article. 

Become a valuable resource for your customers, and they will return to your website to learn more. 

Have in place a content management plan, and stick to it. Use a calendar! Google wants to know your content is quality, keyword rich, and relevant to subject matter. 

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