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Digital Impact on Sales

The Death of a Salesman?

I recently read that 86% of business owners stated they would rather go to the dentist than to speak with a salesperson. Huge numbers! However it’s just a simple gut check that tells you this simple survey is probably true. How can that be? Business owners are salespeople too! What does that mean for us? What’s going to happen to our business if we can’t sell? The salesperson role has not gone away, but it sure has changed. Let’s discuss this transition a bit.

First a Bit of Technology History

This transition has been going on for years. What was started to increase efficiency became a way a life for businesses and consumers alike.

  • There are people that say social media was started by Samuel Morse’s first telegraph, which he sent in 1844 between Washington, D.C., and Baltimore. 

  • The computer network concept started in the late 1950s making it easier to share information without human interaction.

  • Ray Tomlinson is credited with inventing email in 1972. It looked much like email does today.

  • Can you imagine where your life would be without text messaging? In 1993 Nokia was the first handset manufacturer cell phones that had SMS text messages capabilities. Today, SMS is the most widely-used data application in the world, with 81% of mobile phone subscribers using it. SMS has become more than just a way to text with friends, it also lets us receive updates and alerts, keep track of our finances, send email, and much more.

The Internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before. However, I am not here to argue whether technology is killing the human touch. I am just stating that nonverbal media have made an impact on our day-to-day interactions with others.

The Salesperson 

Taking success into their own hands, the business owner picks up the phone and calls the would-be customer. They promptly get hung up on. “Not interested.”

Not to be deflated, the business owner drives to the would-be customer’s shop. Strike two. An employee says the owner is not available. Now what? How do we reach the world to tell them about our wonderful products and services when no one wants to talk to us? No one wants to be sold to. They want to research and make the decision that makes sense to them.

Using Technology to Persuade the World

What does your digital image look like? Here are some smart areas to consider when marketing your business. 

Have a modern website:

  • Modern websites are mobile-friendly, easy to browse, and filled with quality content that educates your would-be customer.

  • Speaking of websites, check the website speed. Does it open in one to two seconds or ten?

  • If your website looks old you are sending a major negative signal to the world. That first impression can make or break you.

  • Consider investing in "schedule online" and/or "buy online" tools. Help buyers research and buy all at the same time, in the same place, your website!

  • Add obvious elements to the website such as "Call Now" or "Buy Now" icons. Make the call to action easy to do. 

Define your uniqueness with professional photographs:

  • Ask a professional photographer to take pictures of the building, the office space, and/or the production area. Now fill it with smiling people!

  • If you sell products, add some products to the website. Quality photographs tell the world what they are buying.

  • Give your clients a 3D virtual tour of the office. Place this tour on Google My Business, and across the social platforms.

Videos are a great way to add personality and trust:

  • videos on your websiteAdding videos to your website and social platforms is simply Google juice! People love watching videos, videos that educate perform better. Add a "How-To" video that brands your business as an industry expert. People love to research. Give them something to research!

  • At a minimum, always have an "About Us" video. Think in terms of how does your specific business knowledge, products or services help the end user.

  • Did you know that YouTube is owned by Google? Transcribe your videos and add text to the video and the post description. Google will thank you!

  • In the days of cell phone cameras, everyone can shoot a quick video. However, the cell phone video typically looks homemade. If you are wanting to brand yourself as an expert, look the part. Hire a videographer that understands how to create a professional image with videos.

Create visually appealing newsletters:

  • Branding is everything. Be sure your newsletter has the same logo, colors and personality as your website.

  • Add your videos to the top section of the mailing.

  • Check the open rate statistics. At LDR our open rate stats are around 40%. Technically anything around 20% is considered good.

  • Be sure your mass email newsletter is Cann Spam compliant. Never use your own email server for mass mailings.

Social Media is Your Modern Customer Service Department

Some companies really get this! The keyword here is social media. When marketing to your clients, do not forget to be social. Chat with them, and invite them to chat with you. If your Facebook page is all sales, no one wants to stay engaged for very long.

  • Post daily to all major platforms that make sense to your industry type.

  • Add the professional photos you just purchased.

  • Add the quality marketing videos you purchased.

  • Add links to your website so people have easy access to learn more. 

So What Happened to the Salesperson?

The onset of the Internet has given the world plenty of tools to help themselves to finding great information. The best “sales” person these days are the most helpful ones. Take advantage of digital tools such as the website, photographs, videos, newsletters, and social media to market your business. Business sales have gone digital. Marketing has gone digital. The smart salesperson converts the online researcher to the online shopper.

At the end of the day, people will go to your website to either buy now or find the research material they are wanting. Does your digital presence convert?

As for the salesperson, this position has evolved, not gone away. Your job is to add the know, like and trust factor to the business. The business is the expert resource. Share the knowledge posted on your business resources, and be the person the world can speak to. In other words, sincere marketing efforts and repeat jobs are determined by the salesperson. Be sure to ask the new customers for reviews so others know why to buy from you!