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Multi Location Businesses

Advice for Business Owners with Multiple Locations

Are you a business owner with your business running at multiple locations? Are you stressed about what should you do in order to make all the locations work well and not neglect anyone?

Businesses with multiple locations need to be handled in a different way. Running a business spread over multiple locations is not an easy task. It might seem overwhelming at first but with the right efforts, management, and managerial skills, you can keep the business up and running as smoothly as you desire.

Common Challenges:

Before we go on and tell you the things you need to do to manage your business at multiple locations and strive to success, here are some of the most common challenges you should be prepared to face.

  • Out of Sight, out of Mind Syndrome: If it gets really busy at the main location of your business, you might find it hard to give the other locations their due share of time and efforts.
  • Loss of Spontaneous Communications: Since you do not see all of your employees at all business locations often, the natural flow of spontaneous chatter rarely happens. Meetings are often structured, and informative rather than opportunities to collect ideas.
  • Lack of Team Cohesiveness: Team members from different locations often not know each other. This can impact product and method cohesiveness across various locations.
  • SEO: Targeted location branding amd visibility can also prove to be challenging if you are located at more than one place.

Managing Businesses at Multiple Locations Successfully

Here are some important things to do to run your business successfully at multiple locations.

1. Put Systems in Place

To standardize the quality of products, communication and the results, it is important to standardize the system. This will allow you to not only manage multiple locations easily, as all of them will be based on the same standard and principles, but also help you grow faster and reduce the time needed for supervision and training. Make the responsibility of each employee

clear from the beginning and you will be able to avoid a lot of hassle here and there.

2. Adopt New Technology

There are so many collaborative tools out there, thanks to the internet, that you can use for the management of your business. These tools not only keep you informed of what is happening at multiple locations at the same time, but also provide a platform to build team cohesiveness among your employees. Add some video conferences in between, as people relate to other people. Make the technology meaningful by adding the human element.

3. Getting Google Registration for Each Location

Getting Google Registration for your business has become the first step in any strategy related to local search marketing. If you have offices at multiple locations, make sure you get Google registration for each location. This will make it easy for the customers to identify and find you easily. Get a Google My Business account as soon as possible if you haven’t yet done it.

4. Location Based Marketing

Location based marketing helps the user in personalizing marketing content based on the particular location of the customer. It serves as a bridge between the digital and physical world. In addition to this, also create unique URLs for each location and also include these in your sitemap. This will allow the target audience to know where else they can find you other than this one location.

Meet the LDR Team:

Yes, LDR is a digital marketing business. However the leadership came from “big corporate” and saw the difficulty in managing multiple locations. No one wants to be treated like the orphan employees… No one wants to see their small branches struggle because of lack of communication or adequate location based marketing.

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Hope you enjoyed reading the simple yet effective suggestions that business owners with multiple locations should do. We are here to help.