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Getting a new business found online:

It is no secret that the internet is essential nowadays for local small business and corporate businesses alike. But getting started from scratch can be a little overwhelming. That is where small business marketing agencies like LDR Design comes in. Keep reading to get a crash course on Getting Found on Google and Facebook. 

Get Social on Social Media:

Facebook is basically the new Customer Service Department. It's the best one-stop-shop for building your brand and your customers. Facebook allows for customer interaction, growth and personalization. 

Let's role play: You're starting your own business. But you have zero customers and nobody really knows who you are. So you create a Facebook page! You add a banner, your logo, your business information (personalization). A few days passed, still no likes. You start to think, "well, maybe if I send out some invites to my friends' list." You check again, "15 likes! That's amazing!" (Growth)

Your business page doesn't have to be business 100% of the time. Give people a sneak peek into your personal life every so often or share some funny pictures. The more posting allows for more customer interaction, which allows for more exposure. Post every day if you can. 

Now repeat the social platform by establishing a LinkedIn account, a Twitter account, and possibly Pinterest plus Instagram.

Google My Business:

Google My Business page is vital for Google visibility. Remember, not everyone is on Facebook. Google My Business registers your business on Google Search according to the business category. Updating social posts are super easy.
Valuable information can be published for the world to see on your GMB page. Market to the world for free what deals you are promoting, add quality photos, and more. The is an expression in marketing that says – Referrals Get You Googled! When word of your new business is being spread around via word of mouth, people can just type the company name into their computer or cell phone and find everything they need!


Setting up social media and a Google My Business profile are a great start for getting found on the internet. When you're ready to move on to the next step or have questions about setting up your digital profiles, give us a call! We’re glad to answer your questions!