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Marketing a Trades Business

Marketing a Trades Business

To get the best results in marketing, you not only have to know your client and industry but also their customer base. Realizing that a plumber’s website should be structured and designed in a different manner than an author’s website is crucial. You must immerse yourself in their world and understand what will draw eyes for them. At LDR Design we pride ourselves on treating trades’ sites with the special care and attentiveness they need to succeed out there on the wild wild web.

Working out of your truck doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a great online presence!

trades 400Trades People Need a Team!

From working with an electrician one day and a locksmith another, we see what they go through. It’s often hard to even meet due to their busy schedules. With all the driving around working many jobs all day, what tradesperson has time to answer a potential customer on Facebook or try to design a logo? They don’t!

Having a marketing team by your side works wonders. People who can design your branding, put together constant relevant content for your site, and keep up with your social media are invaluable. This ensures that after the jobs are done you are not spending your family and personal time trying to figure out how to market yourself! It’s already taken care of.

How We Do Business Marketing for Trades

When thinking of marketing strategies, we must keep the client’s response top of mind. We strive to think of every action they will take when they are looking for a carpet cleaner or plumber. When we design a site for a locksmith, we keep in mind what most people look for when they visit it. If someone is locked out of their home or car, they will need a number right away and to know they can call anytime. We make the number very prominent, mentioning it multiple times on the site. We include well-written content letting them know they can depend on them any hour of the day for emergencies.

A lot of designers will create a visually beautiful site but forget about search engine optimization. This is the biggest mistake with local business marketing. In today’s world, we all must bow down to the powers that be. Google is the new Yellow Pages for local businesses. If you do not play in their sandbox, they will not help you in getting found. The best part about most Google products is that they are free! The catch is that they take time to set up. Having experience, knowing what works and what doesn’t makes a difference. We take that time for our clients. We also like to teach! Our team will sit down individually with each client and help them easily navigate through the digital landscape. We also encourage many of our clients to join social media classes.

 Trades Businesses Are Our Specialty!

Not only do we have an experienced design and content team working with local trade businesses, but we also have valuable video and photography partners that do too! They can make videos and take pictures to showcase your business on your site and beyond. Most of the work we have done and do today has been with trade businesses. Our first trade site was launched over 10 years ago. Today, we continue to serve local trade businesses through writing relevant blogs, keeping up with their social media, and updating their sites so that Google will find them fast and give them a great ranking among the rest of the competition. We also offer more services such as enhanced directory listings, phone systems, groupware email, cloud storage, hosting, and network security.

There are many things for us to be proud of over the years. Among them all, we really love to see local businesses succeed in a world of national giants. After we launched a local electrician’s site they claimed they couldn’t answer the phone quick enough from the acceleration in business. If you work in trades, business is falling flat, and don’t feel you have time to put yourself out there digitally, we are here for you. We’ll go over what we can do to get your business found online without you having to stress out after you have worked all day.