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All-day long, we see social media content thrown at us from here and there. Some of it is helpful and some of it not so much. This content, helpful or not, comes from somewhere, whether it is shared from another social media page or an article you found. A hidden but very important key is where that content comes from. Are you sharing or are you creating?

Give Yourself Credit

There are so many perks to sharing relevant content. It saves you time, brain-space, and risk. The catch is that your company is not truly taking credit for any of it! That’s right, that article you thought was so clever to share, Bob Smith’s site is now taking the credit from your adoring followers. These readers aren’t visiting your site, they are visiting Bob Smith’s site! How does that help you? They might appreciate the information, but it will leave them with the site they visited at the top of their mind. This does not help your business grow.

The bottom line is that blog articles and general social media content takes time. Having an idea can take a second, but putting it into action will take far longer. You need to apply the idea; a blog, meme, post, etc. Be sure to proof it well. This does not mean compulsively obsess, but if it will represent your company you need to check off some things.

Quality Content Stands Out:

When writing quality content ask yourself: 

• Is the subject matter appropriate to your client base? Will they appreciate and relate to it?
• Are you offering something of value? Does it appear that you are selling something or helping someone?
• Is the blog or article Grammatically correct?
• Appealing? Does the blog or newsletter catch the eye?

blog writing serviceThese are just a few of the questions you should ask before publishing anything. Being specific with your content increases the probability your content will content readers into customers. When they see you share other’s content they will connect your interest to it, but might wonder if you can provide as well as the page that shared did. Instead, create the content yourself. Tell the world that “I am the expert.” Provide the information they are taking about. They will not wonder if you can provide, they will know. It is also a great added perk to get your brand in front of their eyes as much as possible. The more they see your media traffic, the more recognition you will get.


What if I am bad at creating or don’t have time?

Unfortunately, even when you are an expert in your field, that doesn’t mean you can easily come up with an article about it. After a hard day’s work, it is probably the last thing you want to do. This is why you might need a dedicated content development team that can represent your business to your expectations. Having a great marketing team will relieve you from stress of time and talent so you can focus on your business. LDR Design offers content marketing creation that will give your followers fresh original articles, blogs, social media posts and more!

Are you in need of this service? If so, stop by our office today. We’ll help you show off the expert that you are!