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Social Distancing

Social Distancing Marketing?

5 Great Marketing Tips to consider:

Traffic on Google and Facebook is changing drastically. Did you know that Facebook activity is UP 200%? Now is not the time to let your social media presence drop! Of course, this is due to the new "normal" that we call Social Distancing. However, at the same time, most businesses feel like they are being tested, and are struggling to stay open.  

Do you feel like you are being tested?  Some tests inspire good changes and learning opportunities; others can really destroy the business, and/or affect us emotionally hard. Depending on the type of business you have, the Corona Virus is really testing your business! You are now either sinking or swimming. Here are some tips to help you swim better during this rough patch. 

Stay Present and Relative on Social Media! 

social media Now is not the time to slink away from social media as a business. People are extending their screen time right now. They are looking for community connections on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Make sure you are doing just as much as you were before, if not more. It might even be a good time to get current if you really have not already. Make sure your business has a few profiles and create one or even two posts daily. Interact with your followers. Interact with other businesses. Do not avoid the situation at hand in your posts, even though it is exhausting. 

Everyone can relate to the current state. Become your business's Essential Marketing Person, and make the most of it. Avoid dwelling on the negatives. Instead, give some silver linings. Tell a joke or two. Potential and existing clients will appreciate it and hopefully remember you when they need to. 

Update Your Business’s Status EVERYWHERE

If you find it frustrating ordering carryout because you cannot figure out which businesses are open, you are not alone. Do not make your customers research. Make sure you update your Google My Business, Website, Social Media, etc. with pertinent information such as updated hours. 

Put out an extra big statement that you are open! A lot of businesses are getting passed up just because people automatically think most places are closed. People still need their furnaces repaired, the grass cut and carpets cleaned. Let them know your services are available. 


Send Out a Newsletter

Stay in contact with your client base by sending out newsletters. Include updated information on your business’s open status and how your business is coping. The appreciation factor it has might surprise you, as we all are finding more time to actually read emails these days. Give them something fun to take in. Make it personal. 

Digital marketing works best when people get to know the faces behind the products or services. Take this opportunity to thank your readers and give them well wishes. Create a fun contest or activity. Ask for feedback and make sure you respond to it. If you do not have a newsletter there are a few programs that are free if you have under a certain amount of subscribers like Mailchimp or Mailerlite. Yes, LDR can help you in creating a beautiful newsletter that gets the message out.  

Sell Your Services Online

Now is the perfect time to set up that online store or booking site! We know, it has been on your to-do list, but what better time to sell digitally? It is getting trickier and trickier to go to retail stores while keeping your social distance. If you have been deemed an essential business count yourself as lucky. Many consumers have found the ease in online ordering and booking preferable to driving to a store. It is a convenience that does not hurt to add to your methods. 

Don’t Forget About Your Referral Partners

Connect with your referral networking partners over Zoom, phone, or social media. Remind them you are still out there kicking butt and check-in to see how they are doing. Digital meetings like Zoom can seem awkward at first, but it’s actually a lot of fun and totally useful! 

If you are not doing any networking, now might be a great time to get acquainted. Visit an established networking group such as BNI or H7 using Zoom. Some groups have virtual meetings daily! It is a great time to network because you do not have to travel to a meeting, so you can attend one after the other right from your house! 

The Social Marketing Bottom Line

We hope your business light stays on during this time and after. During this time, embrace the change. Of course, it is trickier learning how to focus at home and adapting to trend changes but think of it as an opportunity.
 Though this is a highly irregular situation, it hasn’t been the first and it sure won’t be the last. Develop your new "Marketing Plan" to stay alive online. You will come out of this stronger for the next storm, whatever it may be. If you need digital marketing help with your social media, website, Google My Business, and beyond, LDR is here for you! Our digital door is open now and anytime to give free digital analysis and help to those that are in need.