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3 Ways to Get More Reviews

One of the top questions Google is asked by business owners around the world is “How can I get more reviews?”. There is a good reason for this. It’s one of the most sure-fire ways in which a potential customer will weigh their decision to spend their money with you. If you don’t have very many reviews or a few negative ones, it can really harm your business. We have some tips on how to get more reviews that will be worthwhile for your business!

1. Have a Review Generating Plan in Place

Your goal here is to have an EASY way for every single paying customer to give you a review. We emphasize the word easy - when you are asking for a favor (unless you incentivize it, “free ___ next time when you leave a review today”). Be careful to never pay for reviews! Consider a smart, automated system such as a booking system or inventory system that can instantly send out notifications to request a review.

Make sure the system is using all resources available, such as phone numbers for text messaging, emails, and physical mail. Confirm also that the request is giving them a link to the most ideal review platform for you, like Google & Angi's List. If you struggle to find an automated system that works for you, you will have to do more work in reaching your customers, but it will be time well spent.

2. Respond to Your Reviews

google logo icon 120Responding to reviews is a great way to get more reviews!. Google and Yelp monitor how responsive you are as a business and will rank you higher when you respond to reviews.

Most all businesses will from time to time get bad great reviews. This is actually where your business can really shine. Negative reviews give you a chance to turn things around and give insight into how you tried to fix a problem. When someone reads this critical review, they can also see how you tried to reach out in response.

Refrain from responding negatively. You don’t want to come off unhelpful. Try to give as much information as you can that is also not placing blame. Respond neutrally and set your emotions aside, no matter how much you want to explode on a review. Responding angrily will reflect in your response and turn potential customers away.

3. Ask In-Person

After the automated review requests go out, you still may not hear any feedback. This is common. That is why you should always ask for a review in-person or over the phone, directly to the person after they have paid. It is proven that when asked face to face, someone is much more likely to carry through with the request. First, ask them for feedback directly, so you can further be of help, and then ask them to do a review.

Be sincere in your ask. People are much more willing to help you if they know it will make a difference.

Bottom Line With Getting More Reviews

Whether you are the owner of a business or a part of a team, want your company to succeed. We can all relate on this front. Personalization is an important part of this. Trust often lies in efficiency, but also in how we feel when we communicate back and forth. In this culture of electronic communication, adding a personal touch goes a long way.

Need a marketing company that understands the impact of reviews? At LDR, we have Reputation Managers that will help you build up your brand and manage online reviews. Give us a call today!