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7 Reasons Why Blogs are Important

When thinking about your marketing strategy, digital ads, a website, and google all hit the list. What about blogs? They seem very useful and fun, but will they help you get business? Not only will they help you get business, they have a lot of other functional uses that you might not have realized! We love our blogs and today we’re going to tell you why you should too!

1. Blogs Showcase You as THE EXPERT

A great way to showcase your expertise is through a blog. We see a lot of business owners sharing blog links that are topical to what they offer, but not one that they have written. It’s like talking about how great you are at baking and then going out and buying a dessert that someone else made. When the world sees a blog that you have written, it gives a sense of reassurance to the public that you know your stuff. Here’s a more in-depth blog we wrote on the topic!

2. Blogs are a Great Offering

Business owners often forget the importance of offers. Coupons and deals are handy, but helpful information can go a long way. Sending out a blog that is rich in tips and tricks will get shared far more often than the normal promotional post. This gets your name out there, but also gives your audience something for FREE. Who doesn’t like some free advice?

3. Blogs are a Great Way to Update Your Site

There are a lot of reasons certain websites get ranked higher than others. One of those reasons is fresh content. When you update your site with content that is relevant and rich in SEO keywords, Google will take notice and reward you for it. Shoot for a few times a month to once a month. Never leave your site sit stagnant for months. Doing so can result in being buried on the pages that nobody clicks on.

4. Blogs Drive Traffic to Your Site

When you post a link to a blog, your followers are going to click on it (hopefully). When they click on it, they will be escorted to your site! That counts as traffic. Whether they go to other pages or not is up to you. Be sure to include backlinks that lead to your homepage or a call-to-action page where conversion is possible. A nice trick to newsletter writing is to include a blog, but only half so that they must go to your site to read the rest.

5. Blogs Engage Your Audience

Your target audience is important, but you must also think about your current clientele. What do they want to see? What will keep them engaged and more likely to continue business? Staying relevant with a blog or two can keep you in their sights and minds! Go the distance and offer a newsletter to show your customer list that you are still there and ready to engage. Make sure your blog is sharable by including easy to use buttons and links. You could get really old-fashioned and mail out a newsletter. That would really catch some attention!

6. Blogs Are Great for Social Media Posts

Tired of the same old posts on Facebook and LinkedIn or can’t think of any new content? Blogs are a nice way to break up the monotony. Sure, we love seeing pictures of cats and babies all day, but sometimes we’d like something we can sink into. Make sure you do use graphics though. Text posts may be seen as “coming back”, but widespread audiences are still more engaged by seeing some sort of picture along with the text or link.

7. Blogs Provide an Opportunity for Conversion

You might think that fluff piece you did won’t lead to any business, but it just might! Throughout each blog there should be backlinks that will lead them to a service or contact us page. Even if your reader does not click them, it’s providing the chance. There is no loss, but only an opportunity for gains.

Bottom Line for Blogs

No matter the type of business, blogs are great tools in your marketing toolkit. There is probably a good chance also that your competition is not using them. Advance ahead in ranking, influence, and conversions with blogs!

Sold on the idea, but don’t have time to write? We understand and are here to take it off your hands! At LDR Design we have wonderful content consultants that can write and launch blogs so that you can get back to running your business. Contact us today!