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7 Ways to Change Up Your Marketing

Does it ever feel you are making the same moves in marketing and getting no response? Your social media seems stale and your ads just aren’t working. There is no secret formula for getting more attention, but there are ways to change up your marketing that will make a difference.

1. Research the Competition

It’s not cheating to look into what your competitors are doing. It’s actually a recommended move to make when you are a local business. See what the other local businesses and even big box stores are doing right. Sure, it can be intimidating to try comparing yourself to a big conglomerate, but you might get some ideas.

2. Network with Your Centers of Influence

Networking can be a powerful tool, if you do it right. Before you go out to meet others, set a standard. Talking to everyone will just waste your time and energy. First, find out who your centers of influence are. These are other businesses who share your type of customers and are most likely to refer you. For example, a payroll service would be a great center of influence for a tax auditor, provided they don’t offer the same services.

3. Research What is Working

Constantly plugging away at something that is not working... well, won’t work. If your social media is unsuccessful, figure out why. You might be on the wrong platform. Making sure you’re getting your content in front of the right audiences is crucial. Not all businesses are going to market the same. Local business pages make sense on Facebook, but not as much sense on LinkedIn.

Remember the reason you market – to make the phone ring! While you are answering the calls, ask the potential client how they found you and keep track of it. Then you will have a sure-fire answer to what is working for you currently.

4. Spend Money

change up your marketing

Once you’ve figured out what is working, don’t be afraid to throw money at it. Spending money doesn’t have to be expensive. You can boost a post on Facebook for $20 or put an Ad on Google for $100. Don’t forget though, the competition will also be throwing money around. Spend yours wisely and don’t go crazy trying to compete with a big entity.

5. Differentiate Yourself

When you research the competition, find out what they are not offering. Does a certain service or benefit have value that you haven’t thought about? Put that out there! Niches often sell because they are unique in their field.

6. Personalize It

Customers LOVE to see REAL people. Stock images only go so far before people start to ignore them. If you put a picture on a banner or social media of your best salesperson, those that did business with them will notice and possibly react! When you are posting personal content, potential customers will take notice that your business is active as well.

7. Polish Up Your Google Listing

Google is often the #1-way people get noticed. It’s the new Yellow Pages. What’s nice about it is that they offer their base listing service for FREE. If you do not have a Google My Business, you are really risking not being found at all. Start one of those and fill out every single thing.

Beyond Google, make sure you are correctly listed elsewhere like Angi and Apple Maps.

Bottom Line to Change Up Your Marketing

It’s tough out there for local businesses. Besides other local businesses, you must compete with big companies. Don’t compare yourself to them. Instead, study what made them big. Remember that your efforts matter, even the small ones.

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