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Writing the Perfect Blog

Whether you run a multi-millionaire enterprise or a small online bakery, content marketing works for everyone. The spending budget for content marketing for brands has exploded in recent years as most of the audience opts for content rather than paid advertisements. However, content marketing may fall short without proper search engine optimization since it doesn’t reach the targeted audience properly.

To reach your target audience with fantastic articles and blog content, you need to ensure your content follows the SEO tips mentioned below:

One H1 Tag per Page

SEO Tips to Write the Perfect BlogEvery SEO expert will advise a novice to use only one H1 heading in blog content. For those who don't know, H1 is an HTML tag that is one of the most important among all six headings. Consider your H1 heading the blog title. When you use a catchy H1 tag containing a long-tail keyword related to the content, search engines will crawl your website to check for relevant content.

If there are multiple H1 tags on your blog, you are focusing your content on too many keyword phrases. It won’t confuse the search engine but will impact the importance and effectiveness of a single H1 tag.

Add Image Alt Attributes before Posting

Your website images are just as important for search engine optimization (SEO) as your content. More than 30% of Google’s search engine results pages display images in response to your search. Therefore, by adding image alt attributes to your images, you could be losing out on a potential customer. Image alt attributes can help you attract interested traffic to your site and create a better user experience.

Optimize Images

Optimization of images is necessary to ensure that your content is more attractive, accessible, and engaging to all users. Image tags help search engines find relevant information on your website and help in speeding up page loading. The lesser time a page takes to load, the higher the chances that a visitor may stay on the page and enjoy their experience on the website.

To optimize your website images, you need to choose the correct size of images, pick the suitable image format, select the perfect compression rate, optimize image file names, use relevant alt tags, optimize image titles, use unique images, and utilize site maps. All of these practices will help increase page speeds and improve user experience.

Research and Use Appropriate Keywords

To cut through the clutter of your competitor’s content, you need to add relevant keywords to your articles. Utilize expert keyword research tools to find phrases and words your potential customer is searching for. However, keyword research must be done periodically to ensure that you aren’t missing out on ranking opportunities.

For a fully optimized page that reads well, don’t force keywords in or stuff them. Too many keywords can oversaturate a post and take visitors off your website, indicating to search engines that your blog does not meet their needs.

Writing Blogs Is A Powerful SEO Strategy

entrepreneur writing perfect blogWhat is your website content strategy?

People love to read quality content that helps them find the answers they are researching. If you are asking yourself - what quality content looks like, read more about standards that define the quality of the content. When you are done, optimizing your blog with good SEO is the only way to unlock the full potential of content marketing.

For If your website is not on top of the SERP, visitors may not be able to find your blog content and discover your business or brand. Fewer visits to your website may mean fewer customers and lesser revenue. Writing the perfect blog using search engine optimization can help bring in interested traffic and retain them for a longer time.

With the SEO tips mentioned above, you can write winning content that attracts your target audience and helps them find your content much more easily. It is more than keywords - content is still king.

Take advantage of the growing power of blogs. Be the expert and become the resource your best clients are looking for. 

Seeking help with the SEO part of writing a blog? 

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