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What is “Google’s Helpful Content” Algorithm Update?

Did You Write Your Website Content To Impress Google? 

The bad news is that Google is not impressed. It was before 5 AM on August 25 (2022) that Google released its latest Google update. Way too many content developers have been publishing blogs and marketing material that is all about keywords. Their content was created to impress Google, and thus rank well in the search engines. The reality is that Google is far more impressed with "high-quality content" that informs people. Rewrite your blogs to focus on people-first content. 

Was Your Website Content Written For Humans? 

As content developers ourselves - We see a lot of low-quality content. This content provides no value to the intended audience at all. Here are a few tips on what this Helpful Content algorithm is all about. 

  • Write to your specific audience. Think about your product or service from the perspective of the intended audience. Let the rest (just) listen in! 
  • Let your intended audience know that you are an expert on this topic. People want to research data from experts! Experts give high-value information to others. 
  • Do your research. Be trustworthy. Avoid the shock content. Instead, write original information, and be comprehensive. Write helpful content.
  • Read your content and ask - are you meeting the needs of your audience? Will your readers be satisfied? Take the time to be thorough. 

This is a Google CORE algorithm update that will affect all industries. Some businesses will be harder impacted than others. For example, most shopping websites provide limited descriptions and very little "helpful" information. Google has made it clear... websites with relatively high amounts of unhelpful content overall are less likely to perform on the Google Search Engine. Ready or not, the "Helpful Content" update is here. Are you ready? 

Managing User Intent

People go to websites for basically four reasons. Great websites provide quality information to embrace them all. Embrace the user intent for each submission.

  1. People love to research and (to) have their questions answered. FAQ sections are powerful! Google encourages this with its FAQ schema. Give your ideal audience the information they are researching, and Google will reward you. Check out the linked beginner's guide that Neil Patel created. 
  2. People go online to find local products and services. For example, "Pizza near me" is heavily used each Friday evening. Be sure to tell your audience what you are selling, and add the details. Stand out with helpful content such as "Our pizza is handmade, from scratch, with fresh ingredients that have been sourced locally."
  3. People go online to learn how to do things themselves. How-To blogs and videos are highly searched and read. Make great use of this. 
  4. The next group is people that are ready to spend money. Does your e-commerce platform or other platform style make it easy to "buy now"? 

So surprise your audience with great content that educates, explains, and entertains your audience. Remember that YOU are the expert.  Speak with confidence. People want to RESEARCH and ultimately purchase from people that really know their industry. Artificial Intelligence software is great for tasks. However, my recommendation is to stay away from AI-produced content. People recognize robot-scripted content. Experts can do better. 

It is always a great time to update your website content.

google logo icon 200Start with your oldest or worst article or blog and determine if this content is still relevant. Is it helpful? If not, either delete or rewrite. Removing poor content will actually HELP your website's SEO score overall. 

The Content Development Team at LDR has been ahead of this curve for many years. We write to impress the ideal client with quality information. Yes, this content was definitely researched. Visit the Google Search Console for source documentation.

You are also welcome to contact the content development team at LDR for a discussion about your website. Schedule a Zoom meeting with our senior SEO for some direct guidance, so you know how to keep your website showing in Google Search. 

Written by Beverly Richards, Google SEO & Content Developer
LDR Design Agency