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How to Promote Your Business on a Budget

Inflation has hit everyone so hard recently. Imagine starting up your own business during a time when you’re struggling to make ends meet! We have a few ways to promote your business on a budget. You don’t have to stop promoting yourself because things are tight. We hope this helps!

Luckily, there are a LOT of free resources you can take advantage of to get your business out there. While they are free, some of them do take time to implement, especially when you are just starting out. However, once you are set up and have been practicing using them for a while, they will become easier and faster to use.

Set Up and Use Google Business Profile

One of the best ways to get local online visibility is on Google. Setting up a Google Business Profile will make you locally searchable on Google and Google Maps. It is the most used search engine, so avoiding it would be a big mistake. Setting it up takes a bit of time, but once it is optimized with information, you are ready to take it to the next level!

Spend some time every week to post pictures and posts, check/reply to reviews and messages, and make any updates necessary. Best of all, this tool is 100% free! Don’t miss out on setting one up. Get started here! Be sure to search for your business first if you aren’t sure if you already have one. Your business could be listed, but not claimed. You’ll want to claim it.

Get A Temporary Small Website

If you are starting out from the very bottom and have no loans or money to invest in your very own page on the internet, fear not! There are ways to still get your very own corner online. Remember, having a website is better than having no website. Not having a website puts up a red flag that your business might not be credible.

For a free website we suggest using a built-in Google Business Profile Website to hold you over. Note, this website will not be very high ranking as it won’t have SEO tools. If you have residual income to spend on marketing, we suggest starting out with a 1–4-page custom made site. The idea is to build up to a better site as you grow. A custom-made site will give you the options for SEO optimization, Google registration, and updating.

Use Social Media for Your Business

social media 5187243 640 1Another easy free resource to get you found is social media. However, before you go creating business profiles, you will need to leverage which ones will be the best for your business. Rate your customer demographics and find what platforms those demographics will be using. Those are the ones you want to be on.

Once you’ve created a profile, get active! Check in at least every other day to post updates and communicate with your audience. It might take you a bit to get a feel for what to post. Our rule of thumb is that social media is mostly for fun. Companies can make a lot of money selling themselves on there, but most people probably don’t want to be sold to. Be authentic and post fun pictures, quotes, jokes, how to’s, tutorials, deals, with a sprinkle of promotion.

Create Graphics

People are drawn to pictures. Words only go so far. Add a picture and you’ll get attention! Create banners, flyers, logos, coupons, and more on Canva.com. It’s free and very easy to use. What’s nice is that it appears as professional if you have a good eye for graphic design. Plus, there are a lot of resources built-in to take advantage of.

Though we never normally promote using stock footage, sometimes it is a valuable option. Canva has a plethora of stock images you might need to rely on for a graphic. If you need stock images for your site, go to pixabay.com. There are also many other sites to use.

Send Newsletters

When you start to grow an email list of customers, it’s time to put it to use! Sign up for a newsletter outlet such as Mailchimp or Mailerlite that’s free when you have a small list. Create and send out newsletters every other week or once a month. Don’t burden subscribers with sales content. Write them a blog or list of helpful information that lends itself to your business. You can promote yourself throughout by adding website links and testimonials. It’s also a great way to broadcast events, conduct polls, and run a contest!

Don’t Underestimate Video

One of the most popular ways of getting yourself out there today is video. Whether it’s TikTok, YouTube, or Meta, start launching videos to promote your business now. It takes no money to shoot a short of a day at the office or a quick How-To video! Be consistent. Make a schedule on what days to launch and what topics to cover. Capture candid moments that viewers will love. Be yourself always!

Bottom Line for How to Promote Your Business on a Budget

These examples are just some of the resources available for free right at your fingertips. They will take time to start, but well worth it in establishing your business. Don’t forget to be consistent. You don’t want your audience to forget about you!

When your business grows, so will your budget for marketing. Your time will also become more precious. Outsource all the things you don’t have time for! LDR Design can help with all the tasks above and more! Contact us today!

Written by April Brzezinski, Content Developer
LDR Design Agency