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6 Reasons to Respond to Negative Reviews

In the past years, we have witnessed a significant increase in the number of consumers searching for reviews before making purchase decisions. Sites like Google and Yelp are commonly used for this purpose.  But what happens when your business receives a bad review? While many may ignore these unsatisfied customers, doing so may hurt your business even more. You may be surprised to hear that negative reviews can actually help your business! Here are some reasons why you should never ignore negative reviews.

1. You Can Use That Insight to Make Better Decisions

When a customer posts a negative review on Yelp or Google, you can use this information to find out what led to the negative review. You can then discuss the issue with your staff and come up with a solution. With this, you can see that you will end up improving the customer experience a lot. You can learn from negative reviews and try to get them sorted so that you do not face this problem again.

2. You Can Mitigate Unfair Reviews

People tend to have different opinions on everything. You cannot control every review that you receive, but you can keep a check on the ones that are not logical. For instance, if someone complains about a chicken salad not being available at your all-vegetarian restaurant, you can reject that based on the fact that you run a vegetarian restaurant.

3. Helps In Communicating With Your Customers/Clients

When a customer complains on Yelp about something that you think you can control, acknowledge that complaint and make sure that they are heard. This will make them feel validated and heard. They might even come back due to the good service that they are receiving at your place. You can protect your star rating by communicating and accepting your mistake.

4. Helps In Setting The Tone

If your business is responding to all the reviews in an appropriate way, it will help you gain potential customers. This way, you can show your customers that you care about them and are always ready to listen to their concerns and feedback.

5. You Can Understand How Your Customers View You

Customer reviews can help you look at your company in an objective way. While focusing on your businessgrowthbusiness growth, you can acknowledge the mistakes that you are making along the way to greatness. 

With the negative reviews, you can see what you are missing out on. For example, you have got really attractive chairs lined up at your restaurant, but someone posts about how uncomfortable the seats are! This can help you realize the comfort point of view and work on it, which will help offer a more comfortable and satisfying experience to your customers.

 Maybe you have read a review about the loud music played at your restaurant that makes it difficult for customers to engage in conversation. This way, you can lower the volume of the speakers.

6. Google and Other Search Directories Urge You to Reply to Reviews

You probably already know that Google is the most widely used search engine for inquiries on services and products. If you manage a business profile on Google, you also probably know how picky they can be with their best practices. Following these practices is a good idea to stay in Google’s good graces. Here, they urge you to reply to reviews to build customer trust and to value all reviews.

Final Thoughts on Replying to Negative Reviews

So, all in all, when dealt with smartly, negative reviews can play a positive impact on your business in the long run. If you are afraid you may respond irrationally, step away and cool off. Think of a general statement that you'd use for another business in this situation. Be sincere. This can be hard, especially if you where personally involved in the interaction that led to the review. If it's too difficult, have someone else in your company respond. 

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