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It’s More Than Keywords – Content Is Still King

Everyone Wants Their Website to be “Number One on Google”.

Pretty much every company that has a website will get emails and phone calls from people telling them they can get them into this coveted spot. Some will even claim to be “your Google representative”. Google never calls companies about their rankings. They never make “Robo” calls and the only way you would have a Google representative is if you are doing Pay for Click, not for rankings help.

Sorry, No Magic Tricks

If you can’t trust the emailers and callers, what do you do to improve your site’s rankings? The truth is, there are no tricks. 🙁

Google provides some great tools on their site that will help you with the base code of your site and SEO.

Digital Marketing Helps!

This is the foundation of a well-performing site. Back-linking, online directories, and social media or SEM can have a huge impact on your site’s performance.

Be careful here; good directories can really help your site, but bad directories can really hurt your rankings. If you’re not sure, hire a professional.

Content Is King

As good as all of the above are, they pale in comparison to quality content. The most important aspect of a well-ranking site is, and always will be, quality, helpful seo-rich content. Titles lead to descriptions and descriptions lead to the first paragraph. Each paragraph should lead into the next. Have a plan and outline your content first and you will get traffic.

Getting people to your site is just the first step. Your content also has to quickly and easily show potential clients how your services can solve a problem they have.