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The world of responsive website design & digital marketing is constantly changing. Google makes huge changes to Google My Business every week! At LDR Design Agency, we encourage our clients to stay on top of website edits and social marketing. (We'll do the hard stuff, of course!) 

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Do I need a new website?

The digital world is continuously changing.  Google made 3200+ changes to its search system in 2019, 18 of which are significant. Both Google and Facebook seem to add or modify algorithms every month that make marketing professionals heads spin. These statements alone should make it obvious that most businesses could never keep up with the anxiety attacks the big tech companies hand out like the free samples handed out at kiosks. 

We hope to share some knowledge in this article about securing your website, updating your website, and when it makes sense to replace your website. 

Secure Website:

Software updates keep your website secure and performing better. 

Check for the SSL Certificate.

https secure websiteLook at the URL of your company website. Do you see a prefix of HTTP or HTTPS? If it begins with “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP” it means the site is secured using an SSL Certificate (the s stands for secure). The SSL Certificate is no longer an option for websites. Ask your hosting provider what it costs for an upgrade to https. Many hosting providers such as LDR Hosting offers https as default, so there is no additional charge for this! 

Software updates keep your site performing its best:

We frequently hear the question - how often should I update the website? That depends on what site builder you have. If you have a Wordpress builder, then you or your website manager will want to do a general update at least once a month. There are usually security patches, versions, and plug-ins that will need it. If you do not keep up with these issues, your site will be vulnerable to hacking. 

  • Monthly security patches are vital for WordPress websites. 
  • Joomla websites should be updated at least every 6 months, or as updates come available. 

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Be The Expert!

All-day long, we see social media content thrown at us from here and there. Some of it is helpful and some of it not so much. This content, helpful or not, comes from somewhere, whether it is shared from another social media page or an article you found. A hidden but very important key is where that content comes from. Are you sharing or are you creating?

Give Yourself Credit

There are so many perks to sharing relevant content. It saves you time, brain-space, and risk. The catch is that your company is not truly taking credit for any of it! That’s right, that article you thought was so clever to share, Bob Smith’s site is now taking the credit from your adoring followers. These readers aren’t visiting your site, they are visiting Bob Smith’s site! How does that help you? They might appreciate the information, but it will leave them with the site they visited at the top of their mind. This does not help your business grow.

The bottom line is that blog articles and general social media content takes time. Having an idea can take a second, but putting it into action will take far longer. You need to apply the idea; a blog, meme, post, etc. Be sure to proof it well. This does not mean compulsively obsess, but if it will represent your company you need to check off some things.

Quality Content Stands Out:

When writing quality content ask yourself: 

• Is the subject matter appropriate to your client base? Will they appreciate and relate to it?
• Are you offering something of value? Does it appear that you are selling something or helping someone?
• Is the blog or article Grammatically correct?
• Appealing? Does the blog or newsletter catch the eye?

blog writing serviceThese are just a few of the questions you should ask before publishing anything. Being specific with your content increases the probability your content will content readers into customers. When they see you share other’s content they will connect your interest to it, but might wonder if you can provide as well as the page that shared did. Instead, create the content yourself. Tell the world that “I am the expert.” Provide the information they are taking about. They will not wonder if you can provide, they will know. It is also a great added perk to get your brand in front of their eyes as much as possible. The more they see your media traffic, the more recognition you will get.

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Marketing a Trades Business

Best Websites For Tradesmen To Get Found

To get the best results in marketing, you not only have to know your client and their industry but also their customer base. Realizing that a plumber’s website should be structured and designed in a different manner than an author’s website is crucial. You must immerse yourself in their world and understand what will draw eyes to them. At LDR Design Agency we pride ourselves on treating tradesmen sites with the special care and attentiveness they need to succeed on the wild wild web.

Working out of your truck doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a great online presence!

Best Websites For Tradesmen To Get FoundTradesmen Need a Team!

By working with an electrician one day and a locksmith another, we see what trades businesses go through. It’s often hard to meet tradesmen due to their busy schedules. With all the driving around and working many jobs all day, what tradesperson has time to answer a potential customer on Facebook or try to design a logo? They don’t!

Having a marketing team by your side works wonders. People who can design your branding, put together constant relevant content for your site, and keep up with your social media are invaluable. This ensures that after the jobs are done you are not spending your family and personal time trying to figure out how to market your business for growth! It’s already taken care of.

How We Do Business Marketing for Trades

When thinking of marketing strategies, we must keep the client’s response top of mind. We strive to think of every action they will take when they are looking for a carpet cleaner or plumber. When we design a site for a locksmith, we keep in mind what the typical customer is looking for. If someone is locked out of their home or car, they will need a number right away and to know they can call anytime. We make the number very prominent, mentioning it multiple times on the site. We include well-written content letting them know they can depend on them any hour of the day for emergencies.

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Found On Google

Getting a new business found online:

It is no secret that the internet is essential nowadays for local small business and corporate businesses alike. But getting started from scratch can be a little overwhelming. That is where small business marketing agencies like LDR Design comes in. Keep reading to get a crash course on Getting Found on Google and Facebook. 

Get Social on Social Media:

Facebook is basically the new Customer Service Department. It's the best one-stop-shop for building your brand and your customers. Facebook allows for customer interaction, growth and personalization. 

Let's role play: You're starting your own business. But you have zero customers and nobody really knows who you are. So you create a Facebook page! You add a banner, your logo, your business information (personalization). A few days passed, still no likes. You start to think, "well, maybe if I send out some invites to my friends' list." You check again, "15 likes! That's amazing!" (Growth)

Your business page doesn't have to be business 100% of the time. Give people a sneak peek into your personal life every so often or share some funny pictures. The more posting allows for more customer interaction, which allows for more exposure. Post every day if you can. 

Now repeat the social platform by establishing a LinkedIn account, a Twitter account, and possibly Pinterest plus Instagram.

Google My Business:

Google My Business page is vital for Google visibility. Remember, not everyone is on Facebook. Google My Business registers your business on Google Search according to the business category. Updating social posts are super easy.
Valuable information can be published for the world to see on your GMB page. Market to the world for free what deals you are promoting, add quality photos, and more. The is an expression in marketing that says – Referrals Get You Googled! When word of your new business is being spread around via word of mouth, people can just type the company name into their computer or cell phone and find everything they need!


Setting up social media and a Google My Business profile are a great start for getting found on the internet. When you're ready to move on to the next step or have questions about setting up your digital profiles, give us a call! We’re glad to answer your questions!