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Website Planning Guide

How To Design a Website Project Plan

Researching and Designing a New Website is a Process.

The LDR website design team will research your industry and competition to develop a fantastic new interactive website with SEO keywords that work.

To make this happen we provide a "homework" worksheet. In our design meetings, we address the website design, layout, content, images and all special elements of the website. We also address article maintenance services, and content editing training complete with a training manual.

Your Target Audience:

The most important consideration when planning your new website is not getting everything YOU want. Ask yourself - what does your ideal customer look for when making a purchase decision? Take a serious look at your buyer persona. In the buyer's journey, are you providing an optimal user experience? Does your web page educate, entertain, and sell to this targeted group? 

Make This Your Website Planning Guide:

Website Design Planning Checklist

  • Graphic Art - People are visual. Take time to design or update your logo and graphics.
  • Competitive Edge - What is your competitive edge? How is your company different? A great copy tells your story. 
  • Target Audience - Who are your customers? What information do they research? Are you addressing their concerns?
  • Competitors - List your top competitors and their URLs.
  • Your Brand Narrative - What message do you have to tell the world via this web site? We want to influence your web visitors into reading more, contacting you or making a sale.
  • Organization - Make the journey an easy one. Plan out the number of pages and their titles. Remember that all titles need to contain at least one Google-friendly keyword. People search for answers on Google. 
  • E-CommerceSelling products and services online can be an effective way to grow your business.
  • Newsletters - Keep your customers in the loop with customized newsletters that look appealing, and provide great information. Would you like to add a company-branded newsletter system? 
  • Website Hosting - A key indicator in Google ranking is page speed. LDR provides fast and safe hosting services. We can transfer your existing website too!

Make LDR Design Agency Your Internet Marketing Team

Hire LDR to be your custom website design company! Our website project manager will work one on one with regular meetings, walking you through the website design process each step of the way. Ready to get started?

Ready for your free consultation?

Here's a form to fill out that will help us determine what exactly you're looking for and how we can help:

This LDR Scope of Work worksheet aids our design team in creating your initial website layout and art, based on your company's needs and style. Tell us about yourself! What are you looking for? What do you hope to accomplish in a website? Once we get some answers, we can start to put together the pieces. Let's get started!


Defining your goals will help LDR to shape the design, functionality, and marketing plan for your website. What do you what your website to accomplish? Are you selling products online?

List your top competitors and their URLs. They can be "out of town" similar businesses.

To evaluate style options, list at least three sites that you like, their URLs, and what you like about them. The LDR design team prefers these example sites to not be in your industry.

You will need to start thinking about your website content. What message do you have to tell the world via this website? We want to influence your web visitors into reading more, contacting you or making a sale. What questions do your potential customers ask you?

Please provide us with digital media of your company logos and images that you want integrated into this website.

LDR Design Agency provides 3 hours of site content training. This will help you update articles, photos, and event calendar items as needed.

LDR offers groupware services to help keep your website and email taken care of all in one place. 

Once you click submit, you have completed the Scope of Work form. We are excited to go over the possibilities for your website with you and bring it to life!