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Corporate Website Design

Our Custom Web Designs Help You Stand Out From Your Competitors!

Corporate websites can be complicated! We develop mobile-friendly and responsive designs with incredible graphics that pop! But there is more to the story than a pretty picture. Our custom websites are designed for small businesses from the ground up with search engines and marketing in mind. We make it easy for your potential customers to find you. Read about our custom website design options. 

  1. Beautiful Design, Logos with Visual Impact
  2. Mobile Device Friendly
  3. SEO Rich Content that appeals and competes
  4. Franchise Marketing Strategy
  5. E-Commerce/Selling Online
  6. Target Market your ideal customer

 Visual Impact - Define the look and feel for your custom corporate web design!

All LDR corporate websites are 100% custom-designed for each individual client. While many features are available as standard, we will work with you to produce a one of a kind site that best represents your company or organization. Our prices are fully inclusive and quoted before any work begins. 

  • First Impressions Matter - Designs that stand out! We will update your company logo, and use it everywhere. Add to your email, your social media, your printed marketing and more. 
  • Your website designer can help you find modern elements that say I am in business to serve you. We'll choose what style, what colors, and what fonts work best for you. Will your ideal customer enjoy browsing and shopping on your website? 
  • CMS website designs for easy maintenance
  • ECommerce website designs complete with integrated shipping
  • Franchise websites are great for multi-locations all managed at one location
  • Blogs and newsletters are a great way to grow your visibility
  • Visit our web design portfolio and see some of our favorite websites

It's important that your content speaks to your ideal customer. We address the "WIIFM", the "what's in it for me" factor. WIIFM determines whether they keep reading or browse to the next website.

Modern Mobile Friendly/Responsive Website Design & Development.

Get found on mobile devices using mobile-first technology:

  • Mobile-first indexing might cause you to rank lower if you have a site with different content across the mobile and desktop versions.
  • All graphic design and SEO-friendly site content are provided to the client at the completion of the project. It's your site!

The website designers at LDR produce custom website designs that conform to W3C standards. This allows for viewing by the widest range of browsers. The ability to function on older browsers as well as allowing disabled users to use "reader" software is maintained throughout.

Strong SEO so your Corporate Website will compete. 

seo marketingShopping for something online? Surprised about all the competition? 

Content that stands out: It doesn't take a shopper long to decide which company to drop from the selection pool. In a matter of seconds, they click the "X" button and keep searching. Quality SEO is more complicated than people realize. A quality website is useful, simple to navigate, fast to load, and attractive. 

  • Website Audience - Define your audience, your ideal customer, and talk to them. Everyone else can "listen in" and shop at your store too! 
  • Keywords - Identify the keywords and phrases your ideal customer would use to find you. Add keywords to website article titles, and discuss them in your articles. 
  • Organization - A well-organized website with plenty of pictures and graphics keep visual interest, and increase time on site. The right picture can tell the story, and express a mood of joy, concern or hunger.
  • So, does your website connect with your ideal customer? If not, it's way past time to update your website.  

Your website is your company's resume. Make it stand out! LDR Design Agency is a well-known Cincinnati web design company. Our website design team can help your business become more visible and more profitable by establishing a game plan that speaks to your ideal customer. Read more about getting a website that works

 Franchise Marketing Strategy

Corporate Branding With a Franchise Website Design and Marketing Strategy

Managing your corporate brand and local franchises doesn't have to be a daunting task. The LDR franchise websites are custom developed to brand your corporate image across all franchise locations. You will love the easy content editing tools and our CMS database system that gives you easy sharing of articles. Franchise websites also location-specific keywords for visibility.

Brand your franchise as a local business: 

  • We market the corporate entity with super-targeted, locally relevant franchise content.
  • We make finding the nearest location of your franchise easy!
  • LDR sets up each franchise website with its own location-specific URL.
  • Share as much content, or as little content across the franchises as you choose!
  • All websites are developed with a responsive design that is easy to view and navigate on any device type.

Your Franchise Marketing Strategy Should Prioritized Local Search

Get prioritized local search with the LDR franchise website design suite and marketing package. We use SEO keyword-rich optimized local website pages to get your franchises found! Learn more about the website development process by contacting the LDR website team today to get started.

Optimizing Your Franchise Locations

local searchIt is important that each franchise location or store has its own social identity. At LDR we've established a locally targeted franchise SEO marketing plan to empower the local franchises. Social media marketing (SMM) is a great way to create local connections and become a part of the conversation with your customers. Get their feedback, and provide tips and insights that keep them coming back for more. Help your franchise locations to become local experts with location-specific social media pages. Depending on whether your business is business to business or business to consumer, we typically recommend location-specific pages.

  • Enhanced Directory Listings (SEM)
  • Newsletters With Mass Email Distribution
  • Business Facebook
  • Business Linkedin
  • Google My Business Creation & Optimization
  • Business Twitter
  • Hyper-Local Targeted Advertisements on SMM (social media marketing) & PPC (pay per click marketing). 

The LDR social media marketing team will create enhanced and locally targeted social media pages that target your ideal customer, and keep them coming back with great content! Contact LDR for a custom franchise or multi-location website and localized marketing plan that works!

 E-Commerce Designs For Easy Mobile Shopping

Unlike brick and mortar storefronts, you now have a bigger customer pool. Utilize supply and demand techniques and dropship inventory to save your cash flow. Plus your online store is open and available around the clock! Contact LDR about setting up an e-commerce/online store for your business! 

  • Selling products and services online can be an effective way to grow your business.
  • Calculate online shipping costs with UPS, USPS, or FEDEX.
  • Receive payments via PayPal or through a payment processor.

Customers Research Online With Their Smartphones 

Recent reports confirm that more than 80% of shoppers read online reviews or research products online before purchasing the same item in a brick and mortar retail store. Online research has grown to become a critical customer segment for brick and mortar retailers to embrace. Smartphones aid consumers by providing them an online showroom. Customers also search for products online while in your store! Are your best products displayed well on the website? Do you offer in-store online shopping? 

E-Commerce Designs For Easy Mobile ShoppingSmart mobile applications are designed to bring your smartphone shoppers to your brick and mortar stores, to find products such as:

  • Appliances
  • Men's Clothing
  •  Automobiles
  •  Furniture & Mattresses
  •  Electronics
  •  Toys and Games

How To Make Sure Researchers Become Shoppers

As more and more Brick and Mortar shoppers become ROBOs, "Research Online, Buy Offline" shoppers, help make their experience wonderful!

  • Check that your website provides easy-to-navigate e-commerce solutions with detailed product descriptions.
  • Does your online store include cross-selling, featured, and clearance products?
  • Encourage your happy customers to provide online reviews.
  • Offer in-store rewards or exclusive offers on your website to capture their foot traffic. 
  • Have your business listed on quality search engine marketing, SEM, tools such as online directory listings.
  • Brag about coupons, features and successes on social media channels. 
  • We'll get you found on Google My Business so shoppers find your store on their phone's map.

Upgrading the ROBO Experience

Capture their business, researching online is now especially important for the big-ticket items. It is time to have an expert evaluate your brick and mortar retail store's "product content" to improve the ROBO shopping experience. Contact a website design and marketing company that understands smartphone marketing.

Target Your Local Shopper With Mobile Marketing

Google surveys report that on average, 75% of local mobile searches result in a local store visit within the same day.  28% of those local shoppers purchased! To effectively gain the local mobile search shopper, your website needs to be mobile-friendly and your Google Tools settings need to invite them to shop locally. Mobile-friendly websites are a must. Are your best products displayed well on the website? Do you offer in-store online shopping? It's time to help your shopper research online and shop at your local store. 

google searchAs a local small business owner, you will appreciate the Google mobile device tools available for local search.

  • Local search "near me" capabilities.
  •  Enhanced Google My Business maps designed to increase foot traffic to your store.
  • AdWords directed toward local businesses.
  • Analytic Reports that analyze your advertising success rate.

Keyword Advertising

Google is enhancing their keyword bidding system based on the device your customers use the most to search for your products or services.

Hiring Professional Digital Marketing Services

Many "small businesses" are easily identifiable as small businesses and nothing more, because the business owner chose to download a simplistic template and add his own logo and pictures. Occasionally these websites work. However, the website is most likely a pretty picture that never gets found.

Google is taking away the small business vs big chain barrier with its enhanced local mobile search features. Hiring an experienced website design & internet marketing professional will get you what a "template" cannot; a keyword rich mobile-friendly website that includes all the local mobile search capabilities.